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G-路 | 彼得鲁格建筑设计事务所

2018-08-07阅读 199 建筑中国俱乐部 我要关注


G-ROAD.COM ,是对丝绸之路提出的可持续性、创新性展望一条国泰民安、绿色健康的新丝路文明。其构思基于丝路上丰富的文化遗产,源于前瞻性、整体性的绿色健康构想。




绿塔 / 柏林, 德国

 G-Tower / Berlin, Germany


绿塔是G-路上一个新的绿色健康城市蓝图。 它是柏林的标志性入口,拥有创新和活跃的第一印象场景。 这座塔由木材和玻璃建造而成,在其生命周期中储存了大量的二氧化碳。

G-Tower is the blueprint of a new green and healthy city on the G-ROAD. It is a symbolic entrance to Berlin with its innovative and active startup scene. Constructed out of wood and glass this tower stores a huge amount of CO2 during its lifetime cycle.

明日2080- 未来境地 / 兰州,中国

2080 Tomorrow / Lanzhou, China

  Chin Yan Jun

今日,草莓形物体浮现在天空中。 其名为"翱翔三号",位于戈壁沙漠。 为了创造永恒的工作与生活平衡,您不必离开家人和爱人,以便在相隔遥远的地方工作。 不仅有迷人的外观,她让每个人的梦想成真。 今天,"翱翔三号"终于在梦想之路上实现了人类的愿望和新的可持续思维与模式。

On this very day, a strawberry shaped object emerges into the sky. Its name is Hover the Third, which is scheduled for the Gobi Desert. To create an everlasting work and life balance you do not have to leave your family and the people you love in order to work at a place far apart. With its attractive appearance, everyone's dream becomes true. Today, Hover the Third had finally achieved the human desire and a new sustainable method of thinking along the Road of Dreams.

71%蓝 / 巴尔喀什,哈萨克

1. 71% of Blue / Balkhash, Kazakhstan

  Joann Liew Yii Ning


食品和农业方面,是G-路沿线绿色健康生活方式的基础。 多层次的模式结合了食品生产,创造性思维和健康生活。

Dedicated for the artists to live-in and work as well as for locals and visitors to enjoy and carry out their activities 71% of Blue is a compact sustainable response to the spirit of the G-ROAD.

As food in particular and the agriculture sector in general are the base for a green and healthy lifestyle along the G-ROAD. A multilayered approach combines methods of food production, creative thinking and wellbeing.

金熊猫水车 / 川西,中国

Golden Panda Waterwheel / Chuan Xi, China


金熊猫水车在社区互动中呈现本土建筑。 在一个拥有丰富地方特质的地区,它形成了一个独立的文化复兴,适应当地的自然环境,避免了对环境产生负面影响的因子。 其轮形是模块化动力装置和动力发电健身器材的组合,以从绿色和健康的角度为其使用者提供能量。

Golden Panda Waterwheel uses vernacular architecture to emerge in community interaction. In an abundant area with plenty of remaining local qualities, it forms an independent cultural reanimation that suits local nature and avoids the cause of negative effects to the environment. The wheel is a combination of a modular power plant and a kinetic gym in order to generate energy to their utilizers out of a green and healthy perspective.


绿色街头书轩 / 大马士革,叙利亚

GStreet Libraries / Damascus, Syria


绿色街头书轩旨在赋予免费教育。 知识对G-路的未来至关重要,而绿色街头书轩可提供免费阅读和文化交流。 材料来自叙利亚的再生砖。独特的蜂巢形状灵感来自古老住宅中传统的叙利亚房屋。其源头可追溯到5000多年前。

GStreet Libraries empower free education. As information is definitely vital for the future of the G-ROAD, G-Street Libraries are made for free reading and cultural exchange. There are built out of recycled bricks available in Syria. The unique beehive shaped form is inspired by the traditional Syrian house in ancient dwellings with an evidence of going back more than 5,000 years.

 绿色脊柱 /克拉科夫,波兰

 G-Spine / Krakow, Poland

  Peter Ruge Architekten


Silk Road Energy Spine focuses on one of the most important approaches to the green and healthy G-ROAD: the whole new world of sharing. It marks a milestone of innovative energy, water and big-data infrastructure and shares it along the network launching for a cross-sustainable partnership between heterogeneous communities.

绿色贝壳 / 嘉峪关,中国

G-Shell / Jiayuguan, China

  Peter Ruge Architekten

绿色贝壳是一个模块化的贝壳状装置,用于对抗土壤侵蚀,提高植被恢复的效率。 它的灵感来自于由风形成沙丘的自然形态。 内部空间受其外壳保护,为植被提供合适的生存条件。 由于结构和外壳是用沙子和盐三维打印的,绿色贝壳使用当地可用资源制造“绿洲湖水”和“人类居所”。

G-Shell is a modular pod encountering soil erosion and increasing the efficiency of revegetation. It is inspired by the natural form of sand dunes shaped by the wind. The inner space is sheltered and provides suitable conditions for replantation. As the structure and shell are 3D-printed with sand and salt, G-Shell fabricates ‘well’ and ‘dwell’ with the resources available locally.

 氧气城 / 莫斯科,俄罗斯

Oxygen City / Moscow, Russia


氧气塔运行如空气净化器。 她们充满了空气过滤器和风力涡轮机,可以改善高浓度污染物的空气质量。 作为分散在城市周围的特出结构体,其设计源于对俄罗斯传统与现代建筑的研究。

The Oxygen Towers operate as air purifiers. They are filled with air filter combined with wind turbines which improve the air quality in the highly concentrated pollutants. As a significant structure scattered around the city the design is based on Russian architecture.

 睡莲 / 锡尔赫特,孟加拉

 Water Lily / Sylhet, Bangladesh

  Faisal Akram

孟加拉国可比陆地上最潮湿的水乡泽国之一。 孟加拉国降雨和洪泛区的过量水将通过绿色脊柱收集并运输到干旱地区,以平衡气候变化的结果。


Water Lily is a prototype of collecting and transporting water to the arid areas through G-Spine to balance the consequences of climate change.

Located at Ratargul Swamp Forest, one of   the few freshwater swamp forest in the world, in the north east of Bangladesh, they store water during the heavy rainfall.

暴雪防护塔 / 武汉,中国

 Blizzard Blazer / Wuhan, China



The Blizzard Blazer is located in Wuhan, Hubei, where blizzard has been one of an intractable challenge in the province. It releases heat to melt the excessive snow from blizzard, thus it rains down to earth. It acts as a watchtower reporting climate change, inspired by the original function of the renowned Yellow Crane Tower.

新货币 / 乌鲁木齐,中国

New Currency / Urumqi, China

  Bei Chen

在古丝绸之路上,人们互相交换货物,从其他地方购买新货,逐渐产生了交易,也就是“货币”。 新货币的构思,是树木,即碳存储。 如此一来,气候变化、人类流离失所、污染等全球环境问题将得到很好的解决。

Inspired by the historical Silk Road where goods are produced, acquired and exchanged among local merchants and traders trees are proposed as the new prospective currency.Each tree correlates with a defined carbon dioxide capture and storage capacity. This new currency compasses the most important value shift of 21st century along and beyond the G-ROAD .


绿色充电站 / 瓦莱州,瑞士

G-Charging Pod / Valais, Switzerland

  Peter Ruge Architekten

电动汽车世界即将来临。 绿色充电站为充电站和健康的公共空间提供了新概念。 每个绿色充电站设计都体现了自然之美。 由最近的可用资源构成,它将使用户意识到自己和周围环境的互动。

A world with electric cars is approaching. G-Charging Pod provides a new concept for charging stations and healthy public space. Every G-Charging Pod design appreciates the nature. Made of closest available resources it will encounter users to their consciousness self and surroundings.

绿色健康城/ 博鳌,海南,中国

 Green Health City / Boao, Hainan, China

  Peter Ruge Architekten


Green Health City in Boao Lecheng is a prototype for a new international, ecologically sustainable urban development with a focus on health protection and medical treatment. The urban structure aligns with it local identity, taking into account the ancient (medical) Chinese tradition and history. It is a prototype for a new green health infrastructure and an urban design strategy that pave the way toward future green city development.

沙漠化 / 罗布泊镇,中国

Desertification / Lop Nur, China

Alex Sia Hong Rui

沙漠化问题导致水源匮乏、自然灾害、人类战争和物种灭绝。 受传统水上运输系统的启发,“坎儿”塔的建成是为了接收塔克拉玛干沙漠周围充足的地下盐水,对其进行淡化处理以供应半径范围内的市区: 随而演变成多功能塔单元,蔓延丝绸之路,实现'绿色丝路'。

Climate change and lack of water lead to desertification, natural disaster, war and extinction along the Silk Road. Inspired by a traditional water transportation system, ‘Karez’ towers are built to pump up underground salt water around the Taklamakan desert. Desalination water treatment for settlements inside a limited supply radius are developed as multi-function tower units and spread along the G-ROAD.

移动诊所 / 马拉穆列什,罗马尼亚

Moving Clinic / Maramures, Romania

  Peter Ruge Architekten


移动诊所由回收的标准尺寸集装箱制成,能够为患者提供服务。 到达移动诊所后,用户可以登录他们的帐户并立即接受医疗技术治疗,并与远方的专家联系。


Moving Clinic reflects the G-ROAD vision on a holistic development including the living condition in rural area.

Made of recycled standard size containers, the moving clinics are able to service the patients. Arriving at the moving clinic, users can log in to their account and receive immediate treatment with medical technologies and connect to specialists far away.


Deliberately designed from various sources these concepts aim at your own green inspiration. Each project is a sustainable dream by itself and connected with the long-lasting story of the G-ROAD. In its entirety G-ROAD.COM forms an impressive rhapsody in green, a vision of a green and healthy development and to be shared generously with future generations.

建筑师或建筑公司 Architect’s Firm: 

彼得鲁格建筑设计事务所 / Peter Ruge Architekten

设计团队 Team:

Professor Peter Ruge(彼得鲁格教授)

Kayoko Uchiyama

Matthias Matschewski

Pattanun Thongsuk

Chuan Wang(王川)

Hong Rui Sia(谢鸿睿)

项目地址 Project location:

沿G-路(丝绸之路)上的15个不同位置 /  15 different locations along the G-ROAD

完成年份 Completion Year: 2018



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